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Whether you are seeking personal, one-on-one training sessions or group workshops, we offer a variety of learning opportunities! Classes are open to all and there are no prerequisites unless specifically noted.

No upcoming events at the moment

Professional Herbalist Program - Jade Forest School of Herbology

Jade Forest School of Herbology is a distance-learning school of clinical herbalism featuring both traditional Chinese and western herbal sciences. Our Clinical Herbology Program designed specifically for those wanting to work with medicinal herbs in the field of human health and wellness.

The program emphasizes a holistic approach to health and wellness through a deep understanding of over 200 herbs, health assessment techniques, herbal medicine-making, nutrition, herbal formulation, botany, clinical practice management, herbal dispensary management, and much more.

NOTE: We are not currently accepting new students for our clinical herbology program. Please contact us if you are interested in more information regarding this program and our next open enrollment.

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